Paperless Productivity Solutions


Document digitisation is a service that emphasise the mode of transformation of information. Information available in a crude format from discrete inputs (physical paper, facsimile, mails or legacy data formats) are converted into a structured format and made available intelligently and in a format which makes business sense. The aim of digitisation is to build a repository that brings intellectual as well as business benefits to an organisation and increases scope to identify and improvise processes within various departments of an organisation.

Why Need Of Digitize Document?

Digitization of documents and records will make your life easy. Once all your documents stored digitally, you can find and view them at ease and you have access to all your records even if you are not in your office! Now that’s very essential for any business. Adding on, you can avoid photo-copying each time someone needs a document because it is scanned and stored so why not just email and share over network – this will save lots of papers too! Also, once digitized all you records are safe from losing them. In case of natural calamities, fire, and water, misplaced – you always have hi-res copies of them scanned and stored securely. And its big relief!

Go Paperless

In the 21st century Paperless office not only provide the best management of your documents, but also help to the environment.

Benefits Of Digitize of Documents

  • Against natural disasters and calamities
  • Save time
  • Save space
  • Ensures saving of information In its original form
  • EStorage potential is limitless Accessing and Retrieving of Document (Software)

DocuXBox aka DXB is software for access and retrieving of scanned and process data. If you required, We shall provide you access to our own cloud storage system which you can use to store documents you need on the go. You can access DXB via iOS and Android apps, website and desktop client for a limited period of time.